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San Art or Bushman art work:
The San hunter-gathers lived in the Drakensberg area from around 8000 years ago until the mid-1800s when they were displaced first by Zulu and later European farmers and hunters.

Underberg- Riverglen Cheesery

Himeville Fort and Museum
Originally built as a fortified Fort in Himeville  (the last of its type to be constructed in South Africa) was completed in 1900. In 1902 it was taken over by the Natal Mounted Police and was used as a prison until its closure in 1972. Subsequently, through the efforts of local residents and the local Historical Society, who took over the buildings in 1976, it became a museum in 1981

Reichenau Missionery

Wine Gallery of Africa

Underberg studio.
Artists owners Lawrence and Catherine Brennon, have created a unique art gallery and studio featuring the work of leading South African ceramists and fine art photographers