Hopewell Horse Centre

"Experience is the purpose; you can do nothing wrong." - Horse Whisperer, Sarah Craig.

It's been clinically proven that just being in the vicinity of horses changes our brainwave patterns.

They have a calming effect which helps stop people becoming fixated on past or negative events giving them a really positive experience.

Horse Riding & Equine-Assisted Growth and Empowerment Interactions

We offer:

Riding lessons, outrides as well as empowering, therapeutic horse interactions (unridden sessions).

  • We cater for all ages and abilities including small children and disabled people.
  • Our scenic grounds (nestled in the Drakensberg farming escarpment) provide a calm and encouraging environment to release your inner potential...
  • As well as improve communication skills...
  • And receive emotional support from the horses themselves.
  • Additionally, we also train horses and owners how to have mutual respect.

Contact : Sarah 082 488 7292